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June 10, 2013

From Independent eCat News:

“In various comments following the publication of the HotCat paper on arxiv, it was evident that more checks were made to counter misdirection and error than formally included there. Broad hints were made that the paper could be updated to include more information. Arguably the primary area for concern among critics was the potential for sneaking illicit power into the input. I guess, with that in mind, some details of the power supply measurements have been clarified along with assurances that the control box and HotCat support frame were examined to ensure no hidden feeds could pass by these routes. ”

Thermal Imagery of E-Cat HT Reactor in Operation

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Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device and the update,

Appendix on electrical measurements added here


So Why Has There Been No Major US News Coverage?

This is a viable energy technology that uses commonly available materials, does not emit carbon dioxide or radioactive waste and is economical to build and operate.

Could the technology be suppressed when it is already in production? 

The fossil fuel industries, coal (mountaintop removers), natural gas (frackers) and petroleum (oil spillers) days seem already numbered in the wake of the remarkable development in energy production that is Andrea Rossi`s energy catalyzer.  They still currently reap enormous profits and hold tremendous political sway, but can never beat clean, renewable, E-cat at 1 cent per KW hour!  E-cat modules are being manufactured for orders in Greece and elsewhere in Europe and the US. 

Keep posted for further announcements!

Ryuichi Sakamoto (坂本 龍一 Sakamoto Ryūichi?, born January 17, 1952) is an Academy Award-winning Japanese musician, composer, record producer and actor, based in New York and Tokyo. He plays keyboards in the influential Japanese electropop band Yellow Magic Orchestra. His 1999 musical composition “Energy Flow”, also known as the alternative title of the single disc Ura BTTB, is the first number-one instrumental single in Japan’s Oriconcharts history.

Ryuichi Sakamoto