From Pravda, With Love: Energy Revolution is Scheduled for Summer

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Energy Revolution is Scheduled for Summer

26.04.2013 13:00

by Svetlana Smetanin

Energy Revolution is scheduled for summer

Translation from Russian by Google

Scientists who study the process called “cold nuclear transmutation,” warn before the great energy revolution there were only two months. Once in the middle of this year to go mass market devices called heat generators Rossi (created in honor of their engineer Andrea Rossi), the world will never be the same again.

This summer, the market should reach unusual generators for the production of cheap energy. This means that the energy familiar to us, based on hydrocarbons and nuclear reactors thing of the past. About that, what we all need to be prepared, says a senior researcher at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, Russian Academy of Sciences, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, nuclear physicist Yuri Bazhutov.

– Yuri, you – as the deputy chairman of the Russian Coordination Council on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and permanent organizer of annual conferences on this subject – in his speeches have repeatedly stated that we are on the threshold of the “great energy revolution.” Please explain what you mean?

– Indeed, the information on the daily basis. All over the world there is a strong boom in connection with the results that have already received two years ago in Bologna (Italy) Andrea Rossi with Sergio Focardi in the area, as they were called, cold fusion.

But this is an old name that was given to the founders of this trend – the Anglo-Americans Fleischmann and Pons his disciple. They have been doing this 10 years back to back. And 20 years ago – March 23, 1989 – held a press conference at which stated that they had obtained great results, a new phenomenon, which they called cold nuclear fusion.

But the name they are very much mistaken, because they were not physicists, especially nuclear scientists. They were professional electrochemists. Therefore, in a simple experiment, they got an electrolytic cell heat output is 4 times larger than the one they have pledged. Instead they got one watt total power of 4 watts.

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It was the nuclear processes. But they were so incomprehensible nuclear physicist, the first ones that were against it. The fact that scientists discovered a new mechanism for energy completely contradicts the traditional nuclear fusion. As a result, at first was a big boom, the application for the new energy industry, saying that in just a few years will have kilowatts of output, more megawatts. In addition, the nuclear energy is very clean, as all nuclear products has significantly less than it should be.

But just two months later termoyaderschiki them completely, “peck”, saying that under the standard concepts of the physics of nuclear fusion is no cold fusion can not be. A main argument was this: if Fleischmann and Pons in cold fusion got this energy output, then they would have a flux of neutrons that would end up for them with a lethal dose of radiation.

But in spite of such a powerful wave of rejection, “the genie” out of the bottle has been released. And in thousands of laboratories around the world have begun to do this. But only around a hundred of them showed positive results. Even the largest nuclear centers failed to repeat the reaction, so that the negative attitude to the problem persisted.

However, among the optimists were 20 years of research, conferences were held. We in Russia have become one of the first Russian to conduct the conference, and I’ve already spent 20 of the annual Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation (Cold Nuclear Transmutation), including international in 2007. We have been and still remains a powerful potential in nuclear physics, so Russian scientists were among the leaders of this movement. And as Americans, Japanese and Italians.

Fleischmann and Pons supported a powerful commercial entity – Toyota. Toshiba itself gave them tens of millions of dollars and built in Nice, a special center for research in the hope that in a few years they will have a commercial version. But, unfortunately, they did not understand the correct mechanism of this phenomenon, unleash his discovery failed. Other researchers (Paterson, Arata, etc) are not able to break a kilowatt.

– And then there is the Italian Rossi. He is also a nuclear physicist?

– No, he was an engineer and inventor. But he believed in this direction. The fact is that in Italy on the topic worked Piantelli scientist who assembled a team from different universities. And they worked together on a very simple mechanism of this phenomenon. He took a metal powder such as nickel, filling them tube, air is pumped out from there, ran the hydrogen, is heated and creates more energy output. But again, until he reached a kilowatt could not only tens of watts.

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Rossi’s merit lies in the fact that he saw it as a mechanism for optimal commercial manifestation. He believed in it so much that persuaded his wife to sell the house for two million euros, which he put into the research. Invited Professor Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna, who had previously worked with Piantelli. And together they literally three years have created a cell that already gave at the output 12 kilowatts of power.

Two years ago, 15 January 2011. They announced this at a press conference in Bologna. Among those present was one investor who has never admitted who he was and where. But he said to them: If you make a megawatt installation, then I’ll buy it for the money you spent on this research – that is two million.

Just six months later Rossi said that they have created such a setup. And at a press conference on October 28, 2011, he showed her. This he called the heat source energy catalyst – E-cat. The result was quite impressive. The reactor is the size of a van, worked for more than five hours of battery life with a power output of 0.5 MW. In this case no external power for its operation after startup is not required. The investor bought it.

After that, Rossi decided to develop systems for general consumers. Every man of the house or villa has a need for such a heater. And he created a system the size of a small suitcase, which summarizes (screwed) external pipe heating system. In the suitcase there is a small cartridge with a tube of nickel powder and hydrogen – is ready. You just need to press the button. The system heats up the battery on the battery, and then starts to produce energy at a rate of 10-20 kilowatts.

– That is, that this “suitcase” to work, you just have to connect a normal battery?

– Yes, battery. Heat generator should just run, and then he works himself without additional energy. Last year, Rossi said that opens plant in Florida – the Americans began to actively support him: he was already a U.S. patent after the Italian. After this statement to him a queue of those wishing to purchase a generator. It will cost just $ 500, the warranty for six months. And six months later come to the company and for $ 10 you change the cartridge.

– So, paying a one time $ 500, you can no longer spend a dime to heat the whole house?

– That’s right. Rossi promised late last year to start their release, but did not. Now promises to fly. I think that by the end of the year he will release them. The account goes on for months. He recently made a statement that he megavattnik who bought the first buyer, he worked for eight thousand hours – 10 months. With excess capacity by six times.

– Is it possible to this “briefcase” to connect other devices? Refrigerator, for example?

– This is the other problem. There are any converters that can convert it into electricity. While fundamentally solved only heat problem.

– But it does mean that with the advent of such a cheap energy available to all, familiar to us oil and gas will not wanted? And in Russia, something is being done in this direction?

– We have no investors. We in Russia are used to catch up and overtake. Remember the slogan, “catch up with and surpass America”? We had about 20 independent groups in Russia who worked on the enthusiasm. That is, we got the money for one, and in parallel with this yet doing another.

Involvement in this area – met regularly at conferences. Also, monthly seminar was held in People’s Friendship University (every last Thursday of the month), which involved, and physics, and chemistry. Because it really is a phenomenon on the intersection of science. Russian scientists have given to the process name – “Cold Nuclear Transmutation.”

We are not as rich as in the West, and we do not have houses that can be sold. And do they have commercials with great interest relates to investments in science. Our business – net consumers, fakirs an hour. Do not think about the future.

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I sent in the “Rosneft” application, in which he explained that when this trend will seriously develop your whole business will collapse. And the urgent need to find a replacement. Then it will be easy to change from one “train” on the other. No, do not understand. Sit and wait. Invest in pipelines, which then will be worthless. Will bankrupt.

And in the U.S. Now the problem is isolated financing the Pentagon and the Department of Energy. And meanwhile, NASA funded the establishment of this principle of rocket engines. We also had the idea 20 years ago, but we were then hacked her.

– If tomorrow comes to you the investor with money, how long can be a real result?

– I think that in three years we will. Last year at the facility, similar to Rossi’s E-cat, with nuclear diagnostics we got the maximum yield of neutrons in the world (up to 500 000 per session). These results I presented in July 2012. in Korea at the 17th International Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation.

Even better experimental results, we have the process of stimulation of Cold Nuclear Transmutation plasma electrolysis, with whom I have been working for more than 15 years. Here we have not only a demonstration of multiple nuclear Cold Nuclear Transmutation of products, but also a significant excess heat output, reaching up to 500%.

By the way, I was trying to commercial development of this trend – under Gorbachev. While in science were very active investment. Then, under the direction of this project we have developed and begun to look for an investor. We had about a dozen potential investors. We chose one of them and signed him to a seven million dollars for seven years.

And then came the Yeltsin appointed Prime Minister Gaidar. And Gaydar by the first decree abolished the preferential tax treatment of investments in science. And investors just walked into a science, thanks to government support in the form of tax benefits. And everything came crashing down. In sports, they left no tax breaks, so the sport we still have more. A science investment collapsed. Then as soon collapsed and fiscal science.

So we are working on their old stocks – on the excellent education that is received during the Soviet era. And even more instruments of those times still use – they are very robust making. Another five years we will work, and when we die out, after we have no one to catch up.

– And this generator is not dangerous to use?

– In fact, although the mechanism is nuclear, but very clean. Nuclear power plants are more dangerous because there is an accumulation of nuclear waste. By the way, my model Erzion catalysis not only solves the problem of energy, it also turns nuclear waste into stable.

Now they are buried under the ground in special containers. They tried to send into space, but the rockets were falling and it was dangerous. But in all the land, too, from time to time. Could be worse than Chernobyl. Nuclear plants will finish his term and will also be closed, that’s when this new energy will appear. While this has little to say. But as soon as the generators for the production of cheap energy is available, for them to instantly become known to all. In any case, this process can not be stopped.

– And when they are available, they can be copied?

– So Rossi and prevented anyone from our community to itself for testing. He was terribly afraid of competition and gives the very dosed. Now it has to turn a million – a record for its generators. And there enlisted one of our colleagues – a physicist from the United States.

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In fact, there is always some nuances that can be concealed. So “on the knee” is not tampered with. You just have to be at a level not to buy technology then, and do themselves – not worse, but better.

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Svetlana Smetanin


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