The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer (ECAT – March 2012 update)

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Alternative Energy, Andrea Rossi, cold fusion, E-cat, E-Cat home units, ECAT, energy catalyzer, LENR, renewable energy, The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer     Andrea Rossi ECAT – March update

Here is a summary of the latest ECAT developments made by Andrea Rossi: 

  • Andrea Rossi has developed a new design of the ECAT Home unit which is 33cm x 33cm x 6cm and can be put vertically or horizontally. Total weight is 10 kg
  • The technology is completely changed, new patents have been applied for, an intense testing program is going on with very good result
  • Leonardo Corp will defend its Intellectual Property against copycats in all necessary courts
  • The new ECAT Home unit has two simple connections for input and output of water
  • No pictures will be released until the product is for sale
  • By law a customer has 60 days of time to give back the device if unsatisfied, and Leonardo Corp give all the guarantees required by the law
  • Production capacity of new factory is one million units per year
  • The hydrogen canister has been removed and the hydrogen is now stored inside a solid material due to safety reasons
  • There is a new control system for both the ECAT Home unit and the ECAT 1MW Plant which are made from an undisclosed supplier, not National Instruments
  • The only certified places to pre-order an ECAT  are either  and/or via the order form at
  • Certification from UL – Underwriters Laboratories is in process
  • The highest temperature that could be achieved in the reactor of the domestic ECAT is just below the melting point of Nickel
  • No radiation has ever been detected outside the ECAT
  • The ECAT has already got important authorizations
  • The COP (Coefficient of Performance) is 6
  • Licenses to sell and market ECATs has been granted to licensees, not yet published
  • When Leonardo Corporation will execute the commercial strategy, the entire network of the licensees will be published
  • Andrea Rossi anticipates that an air conditioned generator and a electricity generator will eventually be suitable accessories for the ECAT
  • Siemens has shown an electricity solution for Andrea Rossi with 33% efficiency for 25MWe at 250C, 40bar and a smaller version with 30% efficiency for 5-8MWe also at 250C, 40bar in the secondary circuit
  1. Bob Norman says:

    Rossi once said that the home heat units could be up-graded to electrical units when they were available. He recently said the home Units do not make steam, so the electrical portion is problematic. Wonder if he still stands by his early remarks?

  2. Gerard says:

    I think that the home units are supposed to produce steam. If not, this is an unconventional hot water heater. This from the Ecat website:

    **There is a cold water inlet into the steel box and a warm water outlet. As the cold water flows past the reactor, the cooling elements will heat it up and the flux of the water (e.g. liters/h) dictates the difference between in and out temperature. In this way hot water or steam can be produced.**

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