Rossi: Very Happy With National Instruments E-Cat Partnership

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Andrea Rossi, cold fusion, E-cat, E-cat partner, ECAT, The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer


Although their has been scant news of late, things are moving forward behind the scenes. The production of the home Energy Catalyzer is taking shape. The following comments where posted by Mr. Rossi with regard to the power plants electronic controls.

Andrea Rossi yesterday expressed his pleasure about his collaboration with National Instruments, the Texas-based company who is providing the instrumentation for the E-Cats being manufactured by Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. When asked by a JONP reader whether the National Instruments enterprise was going well Rossi responded:

“National Instruments is the best partner a manufacturer of plants of high technology can have. We are learning from them, and thanks to them the 1 MW plant we are finishing for our Customer is growing up a magnificence. Useless to say, all our plants will be supplied by the control systems of N.I. We are honoured to be supplied by them. The most important thing of their working way is that they do not just supply their technology, but they teach to you to grow up in its knowledge to make you able to peer-interfacing with them, like they do not just sell you good fish, but also teach you how to fish, so that fishing is empowered.”

Ever the student, it looks like Rossi is delighted not only with the instrumentation itself, but also with what he is learning — and how he can apply that to the development of his invention. A partnership like this is going to be very important as Rossi tries to build a robust product, and to establish himself as leader in the commercialization of LENR — he has mentioned that he is working on other agreements, and also an outsourcing network. The “quiet period” that we seem to be currently in (with no customers coming forward publicly) may not apply to what is going on behind the scenes.

With so much at stake it has become very difficult to obtain any concrete information surrounding this LENR technology. There have been reports of a scheduled test of a 10kw home power plant as early as mid January.

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