November 27, 2011

Andrea Rossi has said that initially his energy costs will be 10 percent of current costs (both thermal and electrical). It will obviously take time for a new technology like the energy catalyzer to become widely implemented, but in time it could become a ubiquitous energy source. 

If this turns out to actually be the case the economic impact would be phenomenal. Imagine your heating, electrical and fuel bills cut by 90 per cent. Imagine the impact on businesses if energy overhead costs are cut by 90 per cent (and the cost savings that could be passed on to consumers). Imagine the impacts on local, and national government budgets if their energy budget line were cut by 90 percent. Imagine the cost savings in agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, and other energy intensive industries if they had to pay 90 per cent less for energy to power their operations.

Click here to read full article in E-Cat World:


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