The Green Eyed Monster Meets Rossi’s E-Cat by Hank Mills

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Andrea Rossi, cold fusion, E-cat, energy catalyzer, Pure Energy Systems, The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer
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  • It is the desire to have what belongs to someone else.

  • Without a doubt, it is an emotion that can cause great harm, if not properly controlled.

    When allowed to grow unchecked, this emotion has broken up families, made enemies of neighbors, created workplace turmoil, and induced warfare between nations. In the alternative energy scene, it has created conflict between inventors who have similar goals. Quite often, the goal is to introduce a game changing technology to the world, and earn a financial reward to compensate for all the effort and sacrifice.

    In the case of the E-Cat technology, Andrea Rossi has what cold fusion researchers have only dreamed could exist. He has produced a cold fusion technology that produces a huge amount of output. Actually, it produces so much output it can melt the nickel powder and destroy all the reaction sites — making a reactor cease functioning. Instead of struggling to get five, ten, or fifteen watts, Rossi can produce more than ten kilowatts from a 50cc reactor core. The output of an E-Cat is phenomenal. It is beyond the dreams of most cold fusion researchers.

    What is also interesting, is that the E-Cat technology can self sustain without an input. Of course this has been achieved before, but never with a high level of output. In fact, Rossi has to throttle down his reactors in self sustain mode (by reducing hydrogen pressure) just so they don’t “run away” and melt the nickel powder. Instead of dying out in self sustain mode, they have a tendency to produce more and more power.

    In addition to being powerful and capable to self sustain, the E-Cat utilizes cheap nickel instead of expensive palladium, and cheap light hydrogen instead of deuterium. This means the technology is economically viable, because the fuel cost is almost non existent. Even the catalyst is said to only add 1/10th to the cost of the nickel powder.

    Now since such a powerful and robust technology exists, other cold fusion researchers are becoming jealous. They have not been able to achieve anything close to what Rossi has been able to achieve. If they are lucky, they may be able to produce tens of watts, max. Often, they are not able to do so with cheap fuels and have to resort to heavy hydrogen or expensive precious metals. With the E-Cat technology looming over them, their lack of being able to develop a practical cold fusion technology is becoming very frustrating.

    Instead of congratulating Rossi or applauding him for the technological breakthrough of the century, it seems as if his competitors have banded together to attack him. On websites and forums they slander him, mock him, and call him names. Despite the huge amount of evidence that he is producing massive amounts of excess heat, they claim he is a “fraud” and has proven “nothing.”

    A few of them have been jumping to make negative remarks in the comment section of every positive article posted about the E-Cat technology. It seems that jealousy and envy of what they have not been able to achieve, has taken them over. They are no longer curious, scientific researchers, but are now naysaying zombies. They seek to chew on any positive remark about the E-Cat, like the undead limp towards human brain matter. These obviously capable and intelligent individuals have let their emotions take over them, and are belittling a technology they should be rejoicing about.

    Andrea Rossi, E-CAT inventor

    Obviously, there is probably a bit more than jealousy behind the actions and statements of some of these individuals. A couple of them obviously have pet theories they have been pushing for years. Since Rossi rejected (W-L) the theory on his blog, they feel obligated to go on the attack. Others probably feel that since Rossi’s patent protection may not be as solid as it could be, by attacking him they may be able to “buy time” to figure out how the E-Cat technology works. Then they may be able to patent it themselves, and claim “they” invented it — when it was Rossi’s all along. Then others probably feel jealous of Rossi because they were working on nickel-hydrogen cold fusion years ago. However, their systems were nothing like Rossi’s, and they did not get anywhere near the results. So now they are hiring lawyers, trying to block patents, and seeking to get what they feel is “owed” to them, even though they did not come up with the breakthroughs themselves.

    Once again, none of these jealous parties were responsible for developing the E-Cat technology.

    Only Rossi should get the credit.

    He was the one that came up with the right combination of nickel isotopes, the right combination of catalyst(s), the right size of nickel powder, the right processes to create tubercles on the nickel powder, the correct frequencies for the RFG to emit, and other elements that make the E-Cat the Holy Grail of cold fusion.

    It is his “secret sauce” and if anyone else wants to take credit, they should stop running their mouths, stop making posts that defy logic, stop telling flat out lies, stop slandering Rossi, and demonstrate something that can even come *close* to the output of an E-Cat.

    Of course they cannot, yet. And their failure to be able to produce anything close to the E-Cat is what fuels their jealousy and envy.

    By the way, Rossi is not perfect. We all have faults, and Rossi is the same. But his technology is darn close to a perfect energy source for mankind. I would urge all of the jealous competitors and researchers to either put away their jealousy and congratulate Rossi for his accomplishment, or back away. Even if someone has a personal issue with Rossi, they should not let it influence their opinion of the technology itself. If they want to keep attacking Rossi they risk being on the wrong side of history. The text books many years from now may not leave them a legacy they would want their grandkids to read about.

    I think somewhere, deep down inside, even those who have been attacking Rossi out of jealousy want a better world, and a better future for humanity. I find it sad that they have let jealousy and envy make them lose sight of why they become interested in cold fusion research to begin with. Perhaps if they would take a step back and consider the big picture — ignoring their personal ambitions — they would realize their attacks against the E-Cat technology are not helpful in creating a better home for all humanity.

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