Rising Radiation Levels Across Europe

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Andrea Rossi, cold fusion, E-cat, energy catalyzer, LENR
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The Andrea Rossi energy catalyzer was mentioned in an article today in The Economic Voice.  The article was titled, Protect yourself from rising radiation levels, by Philip Ridley.  In a section describing alternatives, Ridley cites the E-Cat.

Alternatives to radioactive “prosperity”

Andrea Rossi recently demonstrated that cold fusion is viable, with a demonstration of his E-Cat cold fusion generator in Italy. This potentially safe technology would provide unlimited cheap energy utilizing a proprietary catalyst to make nuclear fusion occur at a safe temperature.

Read more: http://www.economicvoice.com/protect-yourself-from-rising-radiation-levels/50025728#ixzz1dnoYCqVC


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