The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer has a New Commercial Website

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Andrea Rossi, cold fusion, E-cat, energy catalyzer, LENR, Pure Energy Systems, The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer
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Andrea Rossi, inventor of the energy catalyzer (E-Cat) has just launched a new commercial website.  The site has been published in collaboration with Hank Mills and Sterling Alan of Pure Energy Systems Network.  The recently sold 1 megawatt E-Cat is available for purchase at the site and an advertisement for a smaller 5 kilowatt Home heating unit is listed as pending availability in 2013.  All interested parties, including skeptics should avail themselves of this remarkable breakthrough, clean and affordable energy technology!

1 (One) Megawatt E-Cat Plant

The one megawatt E-Cat plant is currently available for sale to qualified customers, who represent commercial or industrial interests. While being capable of fitting inside of a standard shipping container, it can produce up to one megawatt of power in the form of hot water, or low temperature steam. It is composed of around hundred individual modules, each containing three reactor cores. This game-changing, energy-producing plant consumes no radioactive materials, produces no nuclear waste, emits no pollution, and incorporates numerous safety features. By consuming only small quantities of cheap fuel — nickel powder and hydrogen gas — it has earned the reputation of being both economically attractive, and the ultimate “green” machine. More

5 Kilowatt Home Heating E-Cat

 5 kW E-Cat concept image

The five kilowatt E-Cat is still in research and development phase. Upon completion (2013), it will be offered for sale to the general public. The unit will provide a constant yet adjustable output of up to five kilowatts of heat (in the form of hot water). This large quantity of output is produced with only a very small consumption of electrical power. Like the one megawatt plant, it utilizes no radioactive materials, produces no radioactive waste, emits no radiation into the environment, and releases no pollution. The multiple built in safety features and the inherent nature of the E-Cat technology, make this system an attractive heating solution for homes or small businesses. More


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