Mainstream Media Has Started To Comprehend The Potential of ECAT

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Andrea Rossi, cold fusion, E-cat, energy catalyzer, LENR, The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer
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ECAT Inventor Andrea Rossi

Yesterday, Fox News posted a report on the Andrea Rossi energy catalyzer, which was aptly critiqued by Hank Mills of Pure Energy Systems.  Now today, it’s rival MSNBC has gotten into the act.  Maybe, the AP reporter who actually attended the October 28th test in Bolohna Italy, will finally be given the green light to file a report.

Italian cold fusion machine passes another test
Despite a world of skepticism about E-Cat and other devices, proof is adding up

By Natalie Wolchover/

Italian physicist and inventor Andrea Rossi has conducted a public demonstration of his “cold fusion” machine, the E-Cat, at the University of Bologna, showing that a small amount of input energy drives an unexplained reaction between atoms of hydrogen and nickel that leads to a large outpouring of energy, more than 10 times what was put in.

The first seemingly successful cold fusion experiment was reported two decades ago, but the process has forever been met with heavy skepticism. It’s a seemingly impossible process in which two types of atoms, typically a light element and a heavier metal, seem to fuse together, releasing pure heat that can be converted into electricity. The process is an attractive energy solution for two reasons: Unlike in nuclear fission, the reaction doesn’t give off dangerous radiation. Unlike the fusion processes that take place in the sun, cold fusion doesn’t require extremely high temperatures.

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  1. LCD says:

    I am hopeful the AP article will add some more awareness if and when it comes out but I’m not sure they will add anymore proof to the story unless they can pull a rabit out of a hat like the name of the customer.

    • Gerard says:

      What the AP article could add is an acknowledgement of the existence of the energy catalzer technology by the general public. It all depends on the type of article written/published. The fact that the mainstream media is finally reporting on the E-cat will inform millions that there is an alternate energy source in the world, which is non-polluting, affordable and available. Hopefully, this will lead to benefits for the human race and the planet as a whole. Thanks for commenting. Peace,.

    • Craig Binns says:


      The name of a customer would be good. Unless we get to know more, the theory that this is a scam will remain much more plausible than the idea that Rossi has achieved an energy revolution and overturned current theories of nuclear physics.

      • Gerard says:

        Rather than thinking in terms of overturning current theories, how about discovering additional scientific paradigms. Also, the name of a customer, that wishes confidentiality adds nothing in physics. There will be others cuing at the Rossi door for sure. Peace

  2. E-bike says:

    Id need to verify with you here. Which isnt something I often do! I take pleasure in reading a post that may possibly make folks believe. In addition, thanks for permitting me to comment!

  3. E-bike says:

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