From Craig (editor) Free Energy Truth

Yesterday I asked Dr Andrea Rossi (Inventor of promising new cold fusion technology – The Energy Catalyzer) if he could share some more information on the nature of the contract he had signed on 7th April. His reply was very intriguing as he seemed to indicate that his company (Leonardo Corporation) would work in partnership with another as yet undisclosed company to build a “network of plants”.

Dr Rossi,
Are you able to tell us any more regarding the nature of the contract you mentioned was signed in the USA yesterday? Can you perhaps indicate whether this was a contract from a customer to manufacture supply e-cats or if this was with a supplier for materials?
Any information would be appreciated as there is growing excitement around the commercial rollout of your technology.
Many Thanks,
(Editor) – Free Energy Truth
Dear Craig:
The Customer of us is a kind of Customer you need to have a written authorization of to talk about him. In due time we will make a joint communication. We will manufacture together a network of plants to sell the energy. I am very happy for this, because I am extremely indebted with the USA, where I got my rebirth, and we will make here new jobs and a useful work, so I will give back part of the help I got, as it is my duty. I always give back what I get, turned into energy. It’s my job.
Warm Regards,

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